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About the 2050 Plan

The Arizona Department of Transportation is currently updating the Long Range Transportation Plan.

ADOT's 2050 Long-Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) provides a blueprint and vision for the state's future transportation system over the next 25 years. The plan is not project-specific but establishes strategic priorities, goals and objectives that will guide ADOT's transportation investments based on anticipated funding levels.

202 - Val Vista Corridor

I-17 FlexLane Corridor

I-17 FlexLane Corridor

Loop 303 - Jomax Parkway Interchange

SR-24 Ellsworth-Ironwood

Investing in Arizona's Future

The Long Range Transportation Plan will include the Recommended Investment Choices, which defines how ADOT intends to allocate future resources across three major investment types:

  • Preservation: Activities to maintain the current state highway system, such as replacing, repairing or maintaining pavement and repairing or replacing aging bridges.
  • Modernization: Activities to improve safety and operations of the existing state highway system, such as adding shoulders and implementing smart road technologies.
  • Expansion: Activities to add new highways, add lanes to existing highways or add interchanges.

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There are no upcoming public meetings. To view a recording of the August 22 virtual meeting, check out the Resource Center.

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