The Plan

What is the Arizona Department of Transportation 2050 Long Range Transportation Plan?

The Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) establishes a vision for how the state's transportation system will develop over the next 25 years. The LRTP will be the principal guidance document for ADOT that links long-range visioning with prudent investment planning to provide an effective, well-maintained transportation network in Arizona.

What is a Recommended Investment Choice?

The plan will include a Recommended Investment Choice, which defines how ADOT intends to allocate future resources across three major investment types: Preservation, Modernization and Expansion. Preservation spending goes toward maintaining the current state highway system (SHS), while Modernization spending improves safety and operations of the existing SHS through activities such as adding shoulders and implementing smart road technologies. Expansion spending will add capacity to the SHS through new roads, adding lanes to existing highways and constructing interchanges.

Public Outreach

Why should I care about the Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP)?

Our transportation system affects the daily lives of all Arizonans. It's critical to our quality of life and how we access our jobs, school, recreation, shopping and services. A transportation network is vital to our supply chain and access to the goods we need.

Why should I provide input on the plan? How will it be used?

Your input will help ADOT and policy-makers understand your priorities to develop a plan that reflects broad-based input from all Arizonans. Information you provide through surveys and other methods helps us understand how Arizonans use the state highway system.

How can I weigh in on the LRTP?

Get involved by completing the LRTP survey, submitting a comment via the website and/or attending a public meeting. Visit the Get Involved! Tab for an up-to-date list of upcoming meetings. You may also visit the Resources Tab to review information from previous meetings and planning efforts.