Plan Vision and Goals

The LRTP vision statement is designed to set the direction for the LRTP and will guide the stakeholders in the development of the plan. It is a statement of how ADOT, regional stakeholders, and the people of Arizona "see" the transportation system of the future and its many possible evolutionary paths.

The goals provide a framework for implementing the plan and provide guidance for what ADOT strives to achieve with respect to both the transportation system and how the agency conducts business to deliver a successful transportation program.

Connecting Arizona. Better Lives through Better Transporation. Environmental and Health Stewardship; Support Equitable Access; Strengthen Partnerships; Improve Mobility, Reliability, & Accessibility; Presever & Maintain the System; Support Economic Vitality; Enhance Safety and Security

My Transportation Priorities

Select an icon to see how your transportation priorities align with the three major investment types; Modernization, Preservation and Expansion.

Bicyclist riding on the shoulder of a road



Are you looking for more shared roadways and bicyclist-friendly road design and feel Modernization should be prioritized? Or do you think it's necessary to focus on Preservation of the current roadway and repair potholes or aging roads?

Cars driving on a highway



Your priorities may be based on how often and where you drive. Are you frustrated by potholes and worn pavement and think it's important to focus on Preservation? Or are you more concerned about traffic congestion along your route and the Expansion of the current highway?

People wlaking on a path next to a highway



Do you walk, run or roll near a road or a highway? Are you more concerned about Modernization with smart technology or safety enhancements near the roadway? Or is it more important to develop new connections to the places you want to go with Expansion of the system?

Bus driving down the road

Transit Riders

Transit Riders

While local governments own and operate transit systems throughout the state, ADOT is an important supporting partner. Do you think the alleviating traffic through Expansion will make your commuting easier? Or are you more focused on Modernization to improve safety and roadway operations?

Connecting Arizona

Why You Should Care

Transportation connects Arizona

Arizona's transportation system connects people to jobs, education and recreation throughout the state. Whether you drive, walk, ride your bike or take public transit, the LRTP addresses all modes of transportation as part of the state transportation system.

ADOT's primary responsibility is planning, building, operating and maintaining the state highway system. But it also provides financial support for non-highway modes (such as transit, airports and bike/pedestrian facilities) that are owned and operated by local governments.

Transportation leads to economic prosperity

The current network of highways, transit systems, local roads and bicycle/pedestrian facilities promotes statewide benefits through economic growth and increased quality of life. Arizona relies on the efficient movement of goods to and from neighboring states and Mexico, and the transportation network supports the growth and expansion of industry. The Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) has real impact in how Arizona can grow and compete in a global marketplace.