About the Plan

Vision & Goals

ADOT's 2050 Long-Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) provides a blueprint and vision for the state's future transportation system over the next 25 years. The plan is not project-specific but establishes strategic priorities, goals and objectives that will guide ADOT's transportation investments based on anticipated funding levels.

The LRTP will be the principal guidance document for ADOT that links long-range visioning with prudent investment planning to provide an effective, well-maintained transportation network in Arizona.

The LRTP will include the Recommended Investment Choices, which defines how ADOT intends to allocate future resources across three major investment types:

  • Preservation: Activities to maintain the current state highway system, such as replacing, repairing or maintaining pavement and repairing or replacing aging bridges.
  • Modernization: Activities to improve safety and operations of the existing state highway system, such as adding shoulders and implementing smart road technologies.
  • Expansion: Activities to add new highways, add lanes to existing highways or add interchanges.

Transportation Funding Needs

Arizona transportation investments are paid for with a combination of federal, state and local funding sources. Under current projections, highway capital needs through 2040 are estimated to be $55.3 billion. With current funding sources, there is an estimated $30.5 billon funding gap.

The current plan focuses 78% of funding for the greater state highway system on preserving and maintaining the existing system and 22% on modernization and safety improvements. Funding to expand and build new highways and other infrastructure is focused within Maricopa and Pima counties, both of which have dedicated voter-approved funding sources for transportation improvements.

The current plan update will determine anticipated funding needs and gaps through 2050.

2040 Transportation System Needs

2016-2040 Revenue Forecast

Chart showing difference in estimated total funding gap and total highway capital needs. Estimated highway capital needs are $53.3 billion. State funding is $11.1 billion, federal funding is $11.7 billion and the estimated funding gap is $30.5 billion.

Current Plan

The current LRTP "What Moves You Arizona 2040" provided information and direction to planning agencies, community leaders and ADOT's other partners about transportation needs, available revenues, investment priorities and anticipated system performance.

Common feedback themes included:

  • Concerns related to funding and raising additional revenues for transportation or developing sustainable/alternative funding strategies.
  • Demographic changes in the state (including an aging population and greater urbanization).
  • A desire for more public transit and alternate modes.
  • A focus on asset management and preserving the existing transportation system preservation and Needs of rural communities.
What Moves You Arizona 2040